RC19: Undesirable behaviour with use of Ctrl+Z

Anytime I use Ctrl+Z to undo an editing action, the cursor flies up to the top of the document. Not too inconvenient if I’m in the first paragraph but when I’m several screens down in the document, it becomes very inconvenient.

Is this a design feature or just a behaviour that has crept in unobserved?

Hi philjaq,

I’m not seeing this behavior at all in either the Main Editor or in Quick Ref windows. I’m on Windows 10 and RC19.

Is it happening with all projects/all documents or just some?


Mea Culpa !! I forgot an important element. By ‘undo an edit action’, I should have been more precise.

It happens when I change styles and decide to undo the change of style. I first noticed it when I set an H2 heading and then decided to undo that style change.

I have checked with various style changes and in a couple of different projects and many documents.

Oh, in that case, I have nothing of value to contribute, as I don’t use Styles. :frowning:

OK. I know Scrivener makes a lot of its NOT being a standard word processor and probably fiction authors are quite happy to write text by the metre with a fairly simple formatting of the whole book at compile time.

But I write non-fiction and quite often the structure of paragraphs, lists etc has more to do with helping the sense and understanding of the topic rather than having a nice appearance on the page. In my case I find styles an important tool during the writing process.

Of course, the formatting of the book afterwards is important too but for that I export to LibreOffice, not having mastered (yet) the Scrivener compile process.

I can confirm I have the same issue when I undo applying a style. And I can agree it doesn’t seem normal in any imaginable context.

Undo a style by choosing “No Style”, not Ctrl-Z; the Mac has a shortcut—Opt-Cmd-0—so I imagine Windows should have one too, though I don’t know what it might be.



This has been reported and has a bug tracking number to it. See [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/bug-random-page-repositioning/49126/10]

Yes, Windows has Alt+Shift+0 to call up ‘nostyle’. but this only works with the ‘0’ on the top row of the keyboard. The ‘0’ on the number pad calls up an offer to change my keyboard between US/UK/French (I suppose that is a Windows system shortcut - but I haven’t checked).

In any case, this shortcut would be a two handed jobby and not as convenient as Ctrl-Z which is pretty well universally adopted in the Linux and Windows environments ( in Scrivener too) as THE ‘undo’ shortcut.

And I don’t want ‘nostyle’ because, for reasons stated above, I use styles.