RC2/Beta 22 typing lag

I previously reported a weird lag experienced with typing on a recent beta (I think it was 19?). I’ve been testing beta 22 and it is still present.

I’m at a loss as to how to describe it accurately. As per my previous report, there is a lag between keystrokes and the text appearing on screen. It’s only slight, but I’ve noticed with beta 22 that it gets progressively worse and worse, until once I’ve written a whole page, my typing is starting to get ahead of what is being displayed by 2-3 keystrokes. This is obviously hugely distracting when you’re in the middle of composition. No keystrokes are actually missed, but as a reasonably fast typist it becomes very difficult to follow what is appearing on screen versus what is actually being typed, even if the delay is only by a few milliseconds.

This behaviour is apparent on three Windows 10 machines I have available for testing - a Whiskey Lake i5 1.6GHz, 16GB RAM, a Coffee Lake i5 2.6Ghz (8GB RAM), and an older i7, 4GHz, 16GB RAM. All machines have Scrivener installed on the C drive SSD.

I’m not sure how I can demonstrate it either. The lag is only in Scrivener - there is no lag on these machines with any other text-based application, be it Word, Notepad, or even typing this forum post in Chrome.

I’d like to be able to help get to the bottom of the bug, so if someone can let me know what information is needed, or what I should be doing to test this, please let me know. After the target notifications were fixed, I decided to try and go back to Scrivener fulltime with beta 22, but the typing lag is so distracting I’ve had to stick with Word.

Does it go away when you turn off “Check spelling as you type” (Options → Corrections) and/or “suggestion completions as you type” (same place)? Those cause me lag, so I turn them off. Other settings can also cause lag, but those are the two that cause me issues.

Try to increase the auto-save project interval. If you have big files in your document/project you might get delays upon saving, which will be reflected during typing.