[RC2] 'Edit Format' window in Compile screen is buggy

I don’t know if my laptop resolution has something to do with it, but when I try editing one of my compiling formats, the bottom of the editing window goes down below the bottom of my screen. When I try resizing the window to fit, it doesn’t react (only jumping down when I click it), and even if i try to move the window, the bottom never adjusts. As a result, I can never access the ‘save’ button in the window. It sometimes snaps to my screen size after fiddling around with it, but after dozens of times trying, I still don’t know exactly what makes it finally start to behave. It’s definitely been a source of great frustration.

After even more experimenting, I found the window only snaps to my screen when I vertical resize on the ‘Text Layout’ screen. Literally that only option.

Can you be a bit more specific on the screen size, resolution and if DPI is enabled as well. There have been known problems with this.

Your screen size is too big to fit all the Compile Formatting options. Reduce the Windows scale % and ensure your screen has 1080 px effective pixels height. This has been discussed in many threads within this forum.