[RC2] Image size isn't the same on Mac & Windows

Here’s a typical image reference in my project Editor:

<$img:Divided Minds;w=330>

Attached are the results on Mac (left) and Windows 10 (right). The Windows image is much smaller.

They should be the same.

I wonder what the formula is, anyway?? PDFs for print on demand should have dpi=300 and in this case, the page size is 6" x 9" with 0.625" left margin, 0.5" right margin. Subtracting gives text width = 4.875".

Multiply by 300 and I get max image width = 1,492.5 pixels.

You don’t appear to be compiling at 300 dpi on EITHER platform. What gives?

Under Scrivener for Mac you can specify the DPI for the images in your compiled document. This is not fully implemented under Windows and the option is hidden, At the moment only the image size is resized to the requested pixels, but the user cannot specify the DPI. This is to be implemented in the following updates.

It isn’t implemented on either platform to my knowledge. How would I specify DPI on the Mac?

Under Mac you have to select compile for PDF. Inside the Main Compile Options you will find “Reduce file size” at the bottom. Clicking the “Compression Settings” button next to it will reveal the options “Image Settings” > Resolution.