[RC2] - [ITA] Writing tools not working as expected

Most of the writing tools (the ones from the dropdown menu when right-clicking with selected text) are not so useful, if not at all. They are barely “Italian-language” related.

“Come-dire.it”, for example, leads to a scam website.
“Wikipedia search” doesn’t search.

I also suggest to let users define additional tools, like you define custom search engines in Chrome.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, mattarmon! Indeed the problem is caused by the Italian translation of Scrivener, which is provided from the community and the Italian translation credits can be found in the about box.
In this case the Scrivener tool URL: “http://thesaurus.com/browse
is converted to URL: “http://www.come-dire.it” which has expired and is now handled by another provider, which is not so legitimate it seems.
I am afraid we will have to discontinue providing locale/language specific web sites for the tools, due this security issue. We will think about providing custom tools specified by the user manually though.

This is a good idea, I think.