RC2: Yay! Style export on compilation is working

I tested this for compile to DOCX and it seems to be working. Great!

There’s only a minor thing I’m curious about, i.e. not sure if it’s an omission or a feature:
If you use Settings->Paragraph first line indents->Remove from first paragraph it works but is applied as local formatting on top of the you have selected to export.

This works but for long documents I personally would find it convenient if Scrivener instead created an additional style called <scenemystyle_firstline> (or some such). This extra style would be based on but with the first line indent removed. That way I’d have global control of all those lines’ formatting too.
(I may not be explaining this too well)

If you open the exported file in MS Word, this is easily fixed with “Select all with similar formatting”, but as far as I know it’s more problematic for users of LibreOffice, etc

So why don’t you modify the associated style in Compile for DOCX so that it includes the formatting you want?

Compile can override every aspect of formatting.

Well, because I don’t know how.

In this case, I want to set a unique style for the first paragraph of every scene, i.e. the one that doesn’t have a non-indented initial line.
I want this style to be based on (Word’s ‘Style based on’) the main text style, i.e. the style used for all other (body)text. This is fairly important.

Some quick instructions, or a link to a text that explains specifically this, will be much appreciated.

This in conjunction with the use of Settings->Paragraph first line indents->Remove from first paragraph of course.

The OP refers to . Does that mean you have created a style of that name (or whatever) for your body text? If you have, then you’re opening a can of worms for yourself. Text in “No style”, i.e, the settings established in the appropriate Options pane should become “Normal” on compiling to RTF or DOCX—at least it does so my Macs. If you remove the first line indent through Compile, I guess those paragraphs will still appear marked as Normal, but I don’t know.

For historical reasons with the style-less v. 2 and setting things up to work with a macro in Nisus Writer Pro to mark the compiled document with styles and language attributions, I have continued to set up a “First” style with no paragraph indent, which is applied to any paragraph following Headings or Block Quotes, and a shortcut to apply it anywhere else I need, That style passes through on compilation. I wouldn’t expect Scrivener to be able to predict not just my choices in this matter, but also the preferences of tens of thousands of other users, when it was pretty easy to set up myself.

That works very well for me. If, when I check though my compiled document in Nisus Writer Pro, I find I have missed a paragraph that should have no first line indent, the style is already defined and a press of a shortcut sorts it out.


I only assign style through the compilation engine, i.e. no styles applied inside the Scrivener documents.
As an example: I instruct it to assign the style “MyHeader” to chapter headings and “MyBody” to scene text.

When I open the resulting DOCX in Word I can manipulate to my heart’s content.
To have an extra “MyBody_FirstPara” that’s identical to “MyBody” except the first line indent (and based on MyBody) would be very convenient.
Although I can manually set this up in Word, it would be great to have it automatically done by Scrivener.

(Again, I suspect I’m not explaining this well.)

Okay, so first thing to remember is that in Scrivener styles are not hierarchical like they are in Word.

So I would define a style that removes the indent on the initial line and assign that style to all your first paragraphs in the editor.

I would then follow Mark’s advice to remove the style formatting from all the other paragraphs.

Then in Compile, you have your default style (anything that isn’t marked with a style in the editor) and your new style for first paras matched to the new editor style you set previously. That should result in the two types of paragraphs being in separate styles when you compile to Word. Now, they won’t be based on each other, but you can easily fix that in Word.

Thanks Devin and Mark.

I’d prefer a method that allowed me to do this without using Scrivener’s styles in the documents at all, i.e. only have styles applied to the final DOCX by the compilator.
This works now, except for the new style type I have described in my post above. From what you guys say, this is not currently possible, so I’ll leave it as a suggestion for the developers for a later version.

In the meantime, I can easily do what I need inside of Word with a few clicks. It’s just another step that needs to be done.
As I mentioned in my original post, I don’t believe this is as easily done in LibreOffice (and probably other Word alternatives), though.