[RC20] Applied styles to blank lines do not persist

  1. Apply a style to some text and the next blank line…

  2. Restart Scrivener

  3. The style only shows on the text - the following blank line does not have the applied style…

And yes there is a use case for styles to apply to blank lines… (you need the suffix when compiled to appear on the new line and not directly following the text)

This has not been my experience using the various beta versions and the RC’s up to the present RC20. I often leave a blank line (paragraph) with my default style in the middle of a document and pretty well always at the end of each document. Sometimes with other styles than my default.

I have never been aware that the style was not preserved on shut down and restart. After reading this thread, I’ve been back and looked over several documents in my current project and all blanks are still preserved with their styles.