[RC20] Composition Mode—Visual Glitch, Menu Bug

Getting some glitchy horizontal lines tracing the bottom menu bar every time it hides. Alt-tabbing to another window and back gets rid of them.

[attachment=2]Composition Mode 1.png[/attachment]

Also, while screenshotting this, I noticed another bug: When I open composition mode, the resizing option on the bottom menu (between Paper Position and Inspector) is Paper Width.

[attachment=0]Before Alt Tab.png[/attachment]

However, when I alt-tab away and back again, now that option has been replaced by Paper Height.

[attachment=1]After Alt Tab.png[/attachment]

Closing and reopening composition mode returns Paper Width to the menu bar, but Paper Height is missing again.

Pressing ALT switches the slider between controlling Paper Width/Height. This is a feature.

In this case Alt+Tab tricks the slider to change, but the application loses focus and the slider is not aware of the Alt key release action. We will do our best to adjust this in the next versions.

I could not reproduce the problem of the bottom horizontally shaded line, but probably moving your mouse down to show the tools and moving it away, should redraw and fix the line.

I have the same glitch on my composition mode : it occurs under the caret sometimes and the main menu horizontal bar leaves frames under its way to hide at the bottom of the page. I don’t have any other application that runs except for my music player and a small notepad text with 8GB RAM it should be okay I guess.

Good to know about ALT, thanks.

For the horizontal lines issue, no, moving the mouse down to show the menu does not fix it. For me the menu leaves those lines behind every time it hides. The vertical scrollbar also leaves an outline as it fades out. The only way to fix it is to switch focus to another app and back.

Interestingly, the other app doesn’t have to fill the parts of the screen where the ghost lines are: If I put a very small window in front of Scrivener, the ghost lines stay visible in the background, but as soon as I switch focus back to Scrivener they vanish, like the app has refreshed or something.

The lingering frame lines around the scrollbar and menu is still an issue for me in RC21, even after uninstalling & reinstalling.

Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take?

EDIT: I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Scrivener a few times now to try and figure out what’s causing this, because I noticed the problem doesn’t start until after I load my saved preferences. This last time, I tried recreating the preferences from scratch using the options menu rather than loading from a file, and I noticed three things:

  • The visual glitch doesn’t happen after a fresh install
  • When I change the Composition Mode colors to white on a black background, very faint lines start appearing, but it’s almost invisible and would be easily missed if I weren’t looking for it
  • When I uncheck Behaviors > Hide main window in composition mode, suddenly the glitchy lines become extremely visible, and it seems like there are more of them (5-6 frozen frames every time the menu hides, as opposed to 2-3 every once in a while)

Unfortunately, resetting to default settings after doing this does not fix the issue. The only time I don’t see it is after a fresh install before making any changes to the appearance of composition mode.