RC3: Corrupt Docx file

I’ve been successfully compiling an active Scrivener project to docx for several months now, using the beta, This is an active novel with about 60 chapters. I haven’t changed the compile format in any way for several months, and the novel has compiled successfully every time.

I added a couple of additional folders that are EXACTLY like previous folders, and attempted to compile as usual, but when I run the compile operation, I get a document that is three times larger than previous compilations, and when I try to open the docx file, Word tells me the file is corrupted.

There is no way to open the current Word file. This is a HUGE step backward since versions prior to RC3 worked perfectly.

This has already been addressed in this thread. https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/cannot-print-after-compiling-to-word-different-problem-than-compiling-to-docx/49611/1

As has been stated should be fixed in RC4.

I’m not sure this is the same problem. I have no problem printing. (haven’t even gotten that far) I can’t OPEN the file or edit it. The file size has inflated by three times, even when I compile to RTF. (even though I can read the file)

Is probably related but not exactly the same issue.

It is the same problem. The generated file is indeed an RTF file and not a DOCX file.

My mistake I meant this one. https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh4486-rc3-bug-compile-to-word-creates-unreadable-content-cannot-open/49585/1

Why is it three times larger?

Docx files are compressed using pkzip. I took one of my DOCX outputs (from some time back) and uncompressed it. The DOCX file was 11k. The XML contents were 80k.

There may be other issues relating to the efficiency of the format scheme, but after looking at text encoded in Docx and other text encoded in RTF, I’m not sure which format wins in terms of space.

I have the same problem. Compiling to docx was working fine, but since the last update, Word tells me the file is corrupted. Scrivener can compile, but I can’t open it in Word, so this is useless. This complicates my work… I will have to find another way to import the text in Word so I can use Antidote to correct it. :frowning:

Read the rest of the post here as with the links.

The biggest advantage to the 2007 new-style Office formats (docx, xlsx, pptx, etc.) is that they are MUCH easier to manipulate programmatically, even if you don’t have an API to do it. Back when the file formats were first coming out, I worked on a project for a company that was a Microsoft vendor and wrote a demo on how to open up a Word 2007 .docx file with Java, edit content, insert pictures, etc., from raw native Java. No special APIs or parser library, etc., just a library to zip/unzip and a library to parse XML. Since I knew next to nothing of Java, it was pretty cool to successfully pull it off.

There’s no way you can do that with an RTF document.

The zip package on it is really just to keep all the component pieces together…just like the Scrivener project format uses a folder.