RC3: Styled List Bug

It seems that applying a style to a list entry causes some extra problems. Namely, pressing Enter while at the end of list entry line does not create a new entry as expected, but a new unlisted paragraph. However, if there is at list one character (or space) between the cursor and end of line, Enter works well. I.e. if you want to go on working on a styled list, you have to press Space, Left Arrow, Enter (instead of Enter) as a workaround.

Unstyled lists work smoothly in this respect

I am a bit confused. Are you talking about list items without text? The current behavior is to remove the list item, when Enter is pressed within an empty list item. In the next version we will adjust the behavior to reduce the list item level by one and finally to remove the list item from level 0.

No, of course, I meant pressing ‘Enter’ at the end of an item containing some text. Yes, if the list item is empty, it is removed by pressing ‘Enter’, and it’s OK. What is more, If the ‘No Style’ applied to the item (or no style applied, whatever), pressing ‘Enter’ at the end of the line (containing text) gives a new list item of the same level, which is by design, I guess.

But—if some custom style is applied to the item’s text, then pressing ‘Enter’ gives a new item only when cursor is at least one character left from the end of the line.

Sorry for my poor English. I did consider sending some screenshot, but it would’ve hardly clarify the description in this case. Could make a shot screencapture, if you happen to be unable to reproduce this.

Thanks! I get it now. The styles have a follow style paragraph feature, which messes with the list items, when the list item ends with a style. I will check what can be done to improve this.