[RC7] Compile settings - section layouts - prefix: incorrectly applies style based on styling of first word

In the compile settings, when styling the ‘section layouts’ prefix content, whatever font setting (bold, italic, font size, etc) that is applied to the first word sticks to the entire prefix once you click back over to the ‘Formatting’ tab, or even if you click just save and attempt the compile.

bug is still present in RC8.

to reproduce in a new project, go to file > compile…

click the pencil to (duplicate format and) edit a layout
Annotation 2020-07-13 162834.png

click over to the prefix tab, type some text, apply a few types of formatting,
Annotation 2020-07-13 162811.png

click back to preview tab, and see that the formatting applied to the first word sticks to the rest of the prefix and all other applied styling is lost
Annotation 2020-07-13 162717.png

clicking back over to the prefix tab before you click ‘save’ shows the original variation in style as it was supposed to have been, but if you click save and then go back in to edit it again, the ‘stuck’ styling you see in the preview is now the styling that’s set on the prefix tab.

please let me know if I can provide more information

Issue persists in RC14 (and previous versions, not a new bug). Please let me know if I can provide further information.

Thank you for the report, and apologies for the late reply here. The issue with the section prefix (and suffix) formatting is on the list.