[RC7] copy/paste doesn't preserve paragraph formatting

A video at the Dropbox link illustrates the problem — after copying a centered paragraph, paste yields a right-aligned paragraph.

The issue may manifest in other ways as well.


This has been fixed and will be in next Windows beta release candidate.

It isn’t fixed in RC8, or at least, copy/paste from Scrivener 3 Mac to Windows beta isn’t fixed.

This has been fixed in RC09. See attached video to acquiesce any concerns you might have. See attached video here > 2020-07-14_11-16-51.zip (147 KB)

Does that address the way a Mac project changes when moved to Windows or the page is copy/pasted from the Mac?

In RC8, pilcrows change size & font even without any edits.

How do you copy text from a project open on a Mac to a project open on a PC?

I don’t think you have watched the video to fully understand what they are both talking about. :mrgreen:

I have. I am just surprised about the OP’s choice of words.
To me it looks like a typical example of how text handling works on a Mac in general, as opposed to how it works in Word where all formatting information is essentially included in the paragraph mark.

It’s not a choice of words … it’s what I do, literally.

I COPY text in Mac Scrivener and PASTE it in Windows Scrivener.

(Running Windows 10 under Parallels on my Mac Mini.)

I wouldn’t normally have a need to copy/paste from Mac to Windows, but I was trouble-shooting the formatting portability bug.

Is there any chance that it’s the Parallels clipboard handling that is somehow messing things up? Does the same behavior happen under other virtualization software?

No. I’ve duplicated the problem in two other modes not involving the Parallels clipboard.

I’m told one of the related bugs is fixed in RC9, and if we’re lucky, it will fix this manifestation as well.