RC7: Duplicating a text changes line spacing

  1. Create a page with text in it
  2. Duplicate the page
  3. Look at the line spacing on both pages
  4. Notice that the line spacing on the new duplicate is not the same as the source page

For example, duplicating a page that has line spacing of “1.1x” according to the toolbar results for me in a page where the line spacing then says “>13.2” (and the difference is also visible by just looking at the pages, flipping back and forth and seeing one uses more vertical space)

I wanted to add to this bug, I experience the same issues but with the addition that the, if the page you’re duplicating has a table in it, the fonts inside the table do not carry the font family over.

For example, I have a template called characterSheet and it’s broken up into multiple smaller sheets. I duplicate it, the title and sub title will remain the same as the original, but all the contents of the same retain their format (right aligned, colors) but not font family.

System used:
Windows 10 Pro v. 1909
OS.Build - 18363.959
Scrivener v2.9.9.8 Beta (984254) 64-bit.