RC7! Great work!

I would just like to send a shout-out to the L&L devs for their great work on the lastest release candidate of Scrivener 3 (RC7).

I had the opportunity to use the latest version to do some business writing and it worked flawlessly. I was able to generate multiple medium sized documents and compile to PDF with all styles intact. The writing experience was excellent, after I got my theme configured and my editors setup the way I like them.

I was really impressed, and wanted to convey my thanks. Ship it, already! :slight_smile:

unfortunately, the uninstall and reinstall process killed all my preferences. Yes, I had a copy of them, but the beta update experience is not great.

Hoping for an end to the Beta cycle REAL soon now.

I’m assuming by ‘copy of them’ you do not mean ‘backup of my Options file’, because if you did, then you’d have no reason to post this. :slight_smile:

Next time, prior to uninstalling, make a backup of your preferences. File > Options > Manage > Save Options to File. (It’s a good idea to do this after any significant change to your preferences.)

After reinstalling, reload your preferences. File > Options > Manage > Load Options from File

Then everything should be set back to the way you had it.

Or you could skip the uninstall/reinstall process and do an update in place with new releases of the beta. There are a few people on these boards who’ve been doing that without issue. I prefer a clean install myself.


And by all means please make sure that you do this BEFORE the expiration date runs out…