[RC8 and previous] Program doesn't remember chosen layout

Hi! When I open Scrivener (and a project) there are default columns on both sides - Search Results and Inspector (both narrow). I change Layout to one of my custom and it works good. But when I close program and open it again (with the same project) the layout is default again - with narrow columns. Why doesn’t the program remember the layout chosen in the project? It is really annoying having to change the layout every time…

You could try removing the ui.ini file from the project’s Settings folder (inside the .scriv folder). Removing the ui.ini file will reset the project’s interface settings, but won’t touch your global preferences. Does that fix it?

Does this file get rebuilt when the project opens? If so, where do the layout defaults come from? Does it get saved with the project when doing a Ctrl-S (it should)? How do custom layouts get saved (in the project, or in the program preferences)?

Yes, the ui.ini file is rebuilt upon reopening the project. When you do reopen it, it will be back to the default settings, so you will need to redo everything again–window size, which elements are open, whether label colours are shown in the binder, etc. – but if the program is functioning correctly and the new ui.ini file is undamaged, then these things should be retained upon closing and reopening the project. That includes whatever custom Layout you have selected.

Layouts are saved as ‘.scrlayout’ files in Scrivener’s Application Support folder, in the ‘Layouts’ subfolder. Resetting the ui.ini file, or even resetting program preferences to default, won’t affect the Layouts you have saved. However, the ui.ini file does determine whether or not a project has a custom Layout selected, and which one, so it’s possible that a corrupted ui.ini file is causing the project to forget the selected Layout upon reopening.

Thank you very much for your answer! I tried to do what you advised, unfortunatelly it didn’t help. But your explanations helped me to find the source of my problem. I have my project folder on an encrypted partition (VeraCrypt) and probably this is the reason why Scrivener doesn’t remember chosen layout. When I move my project folder to an uncrypted partition, everything is OK. Have you any idea why I can’t have my project folder stored on the encrypted partition? This partition is accesible when I run Scrivener, so I think the program should be able to read from and write to it.

Finally I found that it was not VeraCrypt - I mean my problem was not caused by encryption of the partition on which I stored my project folder. It was the file system! A bit strange, I know but when the partition (encrypted) with the project folder was formated with FAT file system, Scrivener couldn’t remember chosen layout. When I changed file system of that partition (still encrypted) to NTFS, everything is OK.