RC8 - Cannot open an existing project saved to a Dropbox synced folder

Windows 10 1909
Dropbox vrs.101.4.434

Directly after installing the new RC8, I tried to open an existing file from a dropbox location (see attachment). Scrivener froze with no indication of life (“Not Responding” message). After a couple minutes, I force-closed the window and restarted my computer, thinking the install might have needed a restart (which hasn’t been an issue before).

After the restart, I tried again, This time, I got an error that a file can’t be loaded (see attachment). The Scrivener window froze for several minutes with “not responding” message. Now, while writing this post, the file finally opened several minutes after executing the command. If this is a file access issue, then it’s taking much longer for Scrivener to access files than it has in the past.

I have all my Scrivener projects in my Dropbox folder and have just updated to RC8 (HiDPI) — everything is opening without any problems, so the difficulties you’re reporting might be something to do with your setup. I’m no expert, but I would try the usual things (flushing the Dropbox cache, waiting for sync to complete before launching Scriv., making sure other apps can open Dropbox files, etc.). If none of those work, I would back up everything, completely uninstall Scrivener, restart the PC, do a clean install and try again. Good luck!