RC8: duplicating multiple items doesn't work anymore

I used to be able to shift select multiple items in the binder, right click, choose “Duplicate”, and have them all duplicated. If they were numbered (Note 1, Note 2, etc) the duplicates would renumber themselves intelligently.

In RC8 if I shift select multiple files in the binder, right click, and select “Duplicate”, all of the items are suddenly unselected except for the final selection, and only that is duplicated.

Is this a bug or a deliberate change? Have I missed an alteration in the way this is supposed to work?

I can confirm this. Shift-select in the Binder then right-click to duplicate or move (to trash) results in only the last item selected being acted upon. CTRL-select, then the right-click action works on all the selected items in the Binder. If you do the Shift-select in the corkboard, it works normally as does Ctrl-select.

For me, this is happening whenever I try to right-click documents selected using shift. The instant I right-click, bam, only one document selected. Hopefully this can be fixed soon. Thanks for the tip about control-selecting, though. That still works.

This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.