[RC8 - HDPI 64 bit] fragemented dotted lines between paragraphs sometimes in Composition Mode.

Windows 10 2004
HP Sepecter 360x 13 2017 model with 4K display set at 225% zoom.

I have attached my preferences files do you can see changes I made to Composition Mode colors

As I scroll the lines of light dots vanish and appear between some of the paragraphs in the wide line breaks.
I have a dark background with amber text.
I did a reset of my PC recently so this is a clean install with only a recent change to colors in Composition mode, otherwise pretty close to default setting right now.
Ken Amber.prefs (46.8 KB)

I’ve applied your preferences, but I can’t seem to replicate this. Is this happening in a single project, or any project? If it’s just the one project, you could try removing the ui.ini file from the project’s Settings folder. Removing the ui.ini file will reset the project’s interface settings, but won’t touch your global preferences.