[RC8 - HiDPI] front & back matter locked on the Mac, unselected on Windows

When I drag a project from Mac to Windows and open it in Scrivener, it has no front or back matter assigned. It seems to happen because I’ve selected and locked “Print” as the target in Scrivener 3 Mac, and the beta doesn’t support that.

When I select specific compile group dependent front & back matter, it compiles.

Compile for “Print” is supported under Windows too. You do not lock to the “Print” compile format, but the Front/Back matter documents.

Could you please upload a Mac project(could be with only few dummy text files) which show different Front/Back matter locks when loaded under Windows.


I’m not talking a bout a compile format called “Print” or anything like that. Locks apply to every compile, not a specific compile. The Beta does not support the Print lock, which your comment seems to confirm.

At the Dropbox link is a video showing what Print and eBook locks do on the Mac. It means I have to lock only once, no matter how many Compile Groups I’ll use in the project.


How do you drag the project from a Mac to a PC?

It appears, for a small project at least, locking to Print does work as it should. See the video at the Dropbox link.

Mea culpa, it may be I didn’t test RC8 properly.


What the OP has only mentioned once is that he is using the Windows version under Parallels, so …



Your message is quite specific to your project and would be impossible to decipher without your video. Thanks for the video.
The behavior that you describe was fixed some versions ago. The Front/Back matter contents will auto-adjust itself based on the “compile book(folder)” you select in the “Compile:” box at the top. Give it another try and upload a Windows video of the broken behavior, if still present.

Thank you!

I failed to test the behavior properly at some point.

My fault.