RC8 Hidpi overwrites existing registry entry.

Got an interesting one here.
I decided to install both versions. Done this before, no problem, right? Separate directories, no issues?

Not so much.

I wiped all existence of the prior install. Deleted directory, created new one. Installed RC8 into ScrivenerRC8, went without a hitch. OPened something, tested it, then shut it down.
Installed RC8 HiDPI version. Seprate dir; Scrivener HD8.

It overwrote the existing Scrivener registry entry for RC8. Two installs, and Windows only knows about one of them. Uninstalled HiDPI 8, and… there is now no record in the registry of the other one even being there. But it’s there, and I can create a taskbar entry for it.

Hasn’t ever done that before to me. Usually, I’d install a new Beta alongside the last Beta, compare the two, no issues, and each had an entry in the registry. Not this time.

I suppose this could be intentional.

I’ve to uninstall/reinstall and see if the other issue I noticed was a corrupt install, anyway.

I was pretty sure the release notes for when they introduced the HiPDI version said that you could have one or the other, not both, on the same system. They don’t use separate registry entries, etc.

Well. Okay. So anyway…

The issue I had is that when you install them one atop the other like that, without uninstalling, you get some strange behavior.

What I typed in one scene was then duplicated through every scene. Didn’t matter how many new scenes I created, they were all the same.

That was… strange.

As well, once I uninstalled the thing, it left the other directory still there. Windows thought it was where the Scrivener program belonged, but it insisted that it was being run from system32.

Strange. Very strange.

I supposed it’s expectable, if they said no different registry entry.

You should install only ONE of the two versions(Regular vs HighDPI). Both versions share the same registry keys. The major difference between these is the Qt version 5.12.8 vs 5.15.0. The main difference is that Qt 5.15.0 has new HighDPI GUI engine, which causes some improvements, but also some side effects in GUI rendering. The Scrivener core functionality is the same. Please, do not install these versions side by side, as it will most likely cause troubles and we have not ever tested or designed it to be used like this.