RC9 bug: Default style seems to be hiding between every paragraph.

Hi! First of all, Happy Anniversary! Very happy with current RC, using it as my primary writer. However, noticed an issue:

I use my own style for the text (in novel format), which didn’t come through when I switched the document over from OSX. No problem, I figure, I just select all (in the individual section) and apply my style. Looks great, however whenever I’m adding a paragraph in the middle of the text, the new paragraph always shows up in the (what I assume is the) default style.

To reproduce:

  • apply custom style to enter section.
  • at end of any paragraph (except the last), hit enter to start a new paragraph.

To mitigate:

  • go to start of following paragraph
  • delete backward until they are one paragraph
  • enter twice to re-break old paragraph and create new one.

Could possibly be related to this bug? Dunno…:

Hi berchca,

Going forward, please post beta-related posts in the beta forum. https://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=57

If you want the devs to see this, you may want to PM a mod and ask them to move it there.