RC9-Bug: Strange chapter numbering problem with paperback formats

I have a 20 chapter novel - when compiling using either Paperback (6"x9") or Paperback (5.06"x7.81") chapter 18 displays as ‘1‘ and what should be chapters 19 & 20 displays as ‘18’ & ‘19’ respectively.
Other formats work ok,

Looking at the settings for Paperback 6x9, Section Layouts tab,The placeholder used Title Options for ‘Chapter Heading’ is <$n: chapter> whereas in Manuscript (Times) it is Chapter <$t:chapter>. You can find the explanations for how each is meant to work in List of All Placeholders in the Help menu.

I’m not sure how the difference could cause the misnumbering of Chapter 18 but it could be picking something up from the structure of the project in the Binder or the formatting. Anyway, try changing the placeholder and see if it fixes it.

Thanks for the info. I changed <$n: chapter> to <$t: chapter>. The result was interesting - it correctly displayed from ‘One’ … 'Seventeen", transposed ‘Eighteen’ with ‘1’ then displayed ‘Eighteen’ and ‘Nineteen’… Quite odd!
I think the project structure is ok, at least other formats, such as epub/mobi work correctly.

When I have time, I’ll create a new project with 20 dummy chapters, see how it works.

I had the same error, but it resolved itself

I stand corrected - It was related to project structure. I checked the binder and found that the section types of chapters and scenes were all set to ‘structure-based’. As soon as I changed section type to ‘chapter’ and ‘scene’ it worked.

When I started with Scrivener I created folders for the chapter and created the scenes inside, then using the dropdown in the bottom right , set the labels to ‘Chapter’ and ‘Scene’, assuming that this was a meaningful action.

I’ve learned something about Scrivener, but I still think there is an underlying bug - the 20 chapter ‘structure-based’ project works in all compile formats except paperback.