[RC9] Comic script template appears garbled and illegible


I am testing the Scrivener 3 Release Candidate 9 for comic-writing on a Windows 10 Home machine. However, upon selecting the comic script template, I notice when editing pages in the outline that text is garbled, though it appears to read as normal in the corkboard card previews. For example, when I type in ‘PANEL’ in the editor, it appears as ‘L=JAH’. I do not get this issue with editing corkboard cards or writing scrivenings without a template.

The error only occurs when the font is selected as Courier Prime (which renders properly in other software I have tested). If I changed the text to another font, it appears fine.

Could somebody please tell me whether this is a bug or an error on my part?

Thanks for reporting this. I can’t replicate the issue on my own system. Does it affect everything you type in that project in Courier Prime? Not just the panel and page titles etc.

If you create a project from a different template and use Courier Prime does the same thing happen?

If you create a new project from the Comic template do you get the same issue?

My apologies - this was an issue with the font being corrupt on my system and not Scrivener itself. The issue occurred no matter what I was typing into the program with Courier Prime.

I managed to fix the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the Courier Prime font - now it displays perfectly.