Re: Autoselection of text[BUG LOGGED]

I don’t see this listed anywhere but it’s something that’s bothered a lot.

When I go to paste a block of text into the editor, it’s auto-selecting the word where I put the cursor and then over-writing the word with the text I’m pasting in. I don’t see anywhere in the setup to change that but when I copy and paste, I don’t want anything auto-selecting things. That’s a pet peeve of mine.

If I use ctl-V to paste the text in, it’s usually OK. The auto-select seems to happen when I right-click to pull up the menu to cut/paste.

I can only reproduce this when I right click and select ‘Paste Style’ i.e. if the cursor is between words a word is highlighted. I can’t reproduce for standard cut and paste via menu, shortcut key or right-click?

What version of Windows are you running?

I’m using Microsoft Windows XP Pro, SP 3.

And, yeah, it’s only doing it in certain situations with the right-click. If I use ctl-v or the pull down menu to paste in, it’s fine. But if I put the cursor at any point touching a word, the word gets automatically selected if I use the right-click menu. It doesn’t have to be on a paste. If I just right click and the cursor is in or beside a word, it selects the word. UNLESS, the cursor is between a word and a punctuation mark, in which case it will select the punctuation mark. If the cursor is at the end of a paragraph that ends with a period, then it’s fine. If it’s between a period and the first word of the next sentence in the paragraph between two spaces, it goes back and selects the period.

It’s kinda weird actually.


This happens to me as well, only on right click.

Okay, thanks. I’ll take a look at this. I’ve logged it.

Happening to me too. Windows 7

Funny story, it does this in the non BETA mac version too. When you right click it highlights a nearby word and brings up the tool tip menu unless you are on a blank line.