Re-define Style from Selection

When selecting some text of a particular style (e.g. MyText) , changing the font size, then selecting ‘Re-define from selection’ and re-defining MyText (Paragraph Style), no other text or documents are updated with the changes, despite receiving a dialog that states that the style (e.g. MyText) will be updated throughout the project.

This appears to only affect styles which are saved as “Save paragraph style.” It appears that in order to reproduce it, I have to launch Scrivener with MyText already defined as “Save paragraph style”. If it begins with “Save all formatting” and is then changed to “Save paragraph style” during the session, everything works as intended.

As a side note, I do not use any styles defined as “Save all formatting”, since they can easily break font-formatting, if not careful when applying. (i.e. Wipe italics from an all-italicized line, buried in the text.)

Version: Beta (594259) 64-bit - 18 Jun 2019