Re-downloading lost software

When my computer was upgraded, the project on Scrivener was saved, but the software was not. I have tried to re-download (after getting my order number) and found that I was charged again for it. Is that right? Can I make it automatically pick up the material (all my research and my novel chapters - months and months of work!) which is visible but otherwise unobtainable.
I tried to email but it wouldn’t let me. Help please! Janine

You don’t need to purchase a licence again in order to reinstall the software, provided you’re still using the same platform. It sounds like you just upgraded your Windows machine to a newer version of Windows, so the serial name and number you had previously will work again to register and activate Scrivener on your upgraded Windows machine. You just need to download the latest version of the software from the website and install it, then copy and paste the licence info from your original order confirmation. There’s no cost for downloading the software. Where are you seeing a second charge?

Once you’ve installed Scrivener, just use the “Open Existing Project…” button in the New Project window or use File > Open… to navigate to your existing project and open it in Scrivener (you’ll need to find the project’s [ProjectName].scriv folder, then select the “project.scrivx” file inside that). After opening it in Scrivener, it will appear in the “Recent Projects” list in the File menu for convenient access in the future. You can also open a project directly by navigating to its folder in Windows Explorer and double-clicking the “project.scrivx” file.