Re: DropBox and Scrivener

We are Windows users and haven’t made any changes other than I do have my Scrivener on my iPhone. I have been trying to share a file from my laptop to another user and not all file folders are populating and the other user is getting error messages. Is this a dropbox problem or Scrivener? Two other members of my team are also trying to share and have done so successfully up until this week… Even when one user zipped the file to send to the other not all file folders were populated.

One of the users is a MAC user (One sending/sharing file) but has not upgraded to new version. Help! We use Scrivener as a team so the sharing on Dropbox is critical for us. We use it to storyboard e-learning.

If I remember correctly, in Windows each project consists of a directory (‘My Project’) inside which are various files and directories, one of which is the project file itself My Project).

If you’re only sharing that My Project.scriv file then the Mac won’t read it properly. That’s because Macs have a feature where a folder is ‘bundled’ and treated as a single file.

In other words — where you see the My Project directory, and then have to go into it to run the project, Mac users just double click on the My Project folder and the project opens automatically — the same files and folders are still there, but they’re normally hidden from view.

The upshot is, don’t just copy the My Project.scriv file, copy the whole My Project directory – your Mac colleagues will only see the one project and should be able to use it fine.


Inside the ‘TESTnovel with parts’ directory on Windows

On the Mac the whole TESTnovel projects is just shown as a single file.

At least – I think that’s what’s going on. If you already knew that and there’s another problem, apologies…