Re: IndexCard for iOs & TextExpander Touch

I’d echo tyuk’s enthusiasm for Notebooks, as posted in “Board index ‹ Scrivener ‹ Scrivener for Mac OS X ‹ Feedback (Mac)”. I use Notebooks on a daily basis on my iPad 1 and find it fast, flexible, intuitive and very powerful. Syncing with dropbox is robust and seamless, and selectively importing Notebooks documents from my Dropbox folder into Scrivener works beautifully using the Import > Files (⇧⌘I) option.
I’ve tried a host of similar writing/journaling apps, but Notebooks ticks all the boxes for me. :astonished:

Do you mean Circus Ponies Notebook, or something else?

I think they mean Notebooks, not Circus Ponies Notebooks. I also use Notebooks on both iPad and iPhone (there is also a Mac beta version, but I am not sure its use really makes a huge difference). It’s excellent. Especially good for deep folder structure, access to and management of (not edit) all sorts of files (spreadsheets, doc and pages files, PDFs, etc). It’s much more than a writing tool. It does sync flawlessly with Dropbox (sync may be a little slow if you have lots of data in it, but hey, better slow and accurate than fast and screwy).

Highly recommended if you want to have fast and easy access to research files (PDFs etc) on iOS and for solid syncing.

No John, though CPN is still on my MacBook, I’ve long since standardised on MacJournal, with DevonThink Pro for projects and Yojimbo for my personal stuff. I never really felt comfortable with the CPN notebook metaphor, and it now languishes virtually unused.
The Notebooks I’m recommending is an IOS app by Alfons Schmid

I’ve just noticed that there’s also a OSX desktop version in beta, available as a free download until 31st December 2012.