Re: Inspector Panel Forcing Window Off Screen[BUG LOGGED]

The forced size of the inspector is forcing the scrivener window off the bottom of the screen. An optional tabbed “fly-out vs. anchored” docking format may be better for the wide screen PCs. Otherwise, either resizable sub-panels or a content-aware scrollbar for the panel would be better than locking the height. Sometimes I need to use Scrivener in non-maximized size with other apps visible. (How the heck am I supposed to watch Castle while I write, otherwise!?)

I think the locked height inspector thing is on the list of items to fix already.

What do you think the split editor media viewer is for, research?

Awesome. Forum high five! gently taps screen with palm

Ahh, creativity. I love it!

The bug itself has been logged.

As for the ability to play media files in split screen… I see why Scrivener’s so awesome! :slight_smile:

This gets my vote for quote of the day!

I’ll bite my tongue on this one.