Re-installing Scrivener on new laptop (after old died)


My macbook (‘vintage’ according to Apple) abruptly died and I have bought a new one. The old one is being repaired to recover data only.

I down loaded Scrivener again and entered my username and serial number and of course it failed… which makes sense as I write this…

Any help on how to transfer my Scrivener license from a dead laptop to a new one?

Any help would be great.

Kind regards,


Did you download an old legacy version for which you have a license, or the new version 3 which require a new license?


This page in our Knowledge Base explains what to do to retrieve your licence details: … et-it-back

Once you have retrieved your licence details, you just enter your name and serial number into Scrivener on your new machine.

Bear in mind that Scrivener 3i s a paid update, so if you downloaded Scrivener 3 from our main page and tried to enter a Scrivener 2 serial number into it, it would not work. For that you would need to pay $25 to update to a Scrivener 3 licence. Alternatively you can just download 2.9.

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