Re-link to different Drop folder

The Dropbox folder I keep my Scrivener files is too large to sync with the iPhone Scrivener. There are some 2000 files to sync. How do I unlink the Dropbox folder and link to a new folder, say Apps/Dropbox.

I’ll put new Scrivener files in the new folder and use the old folder as a backup.

So, I deleted the app and started again.

I moved one Scrivener file into its own folder. Now it’s just stuck on “Syncing (20 of 21 files)”.

Not impressed with the syncing capabilities of the app so far.

Have you read the syncing section of the SiOS tutorial?

It’s very short and I think it would have answered your questions.


It shouldn’t have got stuck on syncing for so long. My desktop Dropbox had finished syncing and was up to date.

Anyway, I cancelled the sync and tried again. It changed to Syncing (2 of 3 files). Took a bit longer, then finally finished syncing.