Re-ordering Documents problem btw outline/binder


If I am in Outliner mode and move a document higher or lower in the list, should that location change not be reflected in my Binder as well?

And it should work the other way as well, right? So, if I move a document up or down the list in the Binder, this movement should also take effect in my Outliner view too, is that right?

These changes aren’t happening for me. So, if I move a document, either in the Binder or the Outliner, the movement is NOT reflected in the other area.

Help, please, Wise Elders.

I’ve spent 5 minutes trying to replicate the behaviour you’re reporting and I can’t.

Doesn’t matter if I drag and drop, or use cal-cmd-up/down, changes in the document order in the Outliner are reflected immediately in the Binder, and vice-versa, which is what you expect. I’ve tried every option in Preferences that I can think of might be relevant, but I still get the same behaviour.

Sorry I can’t help, but at least it confirms your idea of what expected behaviour is.

There are a few oddball scenarios that could cause something like that:

  • Either the outliner or the “binder” is showing a collection, while the other isn’t. Collections specifically don’t change the underlying binder order, so if you load a folder of items into a collection in the sidebar, then view that folder in the outliner and move things in one or the other view, they won’t impact each other.
  • This wouldn’t explain movement in the outliner not impacting the binder, but it is possible to sort the outliner by column. While sorted, changes made to the order in the binder won’t do anything, unless the sort is impacted by whatever changes are made (sorting by Modification Date for instance). If you suspect sorting, click on any outliner header label to sort, click again to sort the other way, then a third time to turn sort off.

If neither of those seem to be the case, it may be that for whatever reason the UI settings in the project got damaged and need to be reset. You can do this by holding down the Option key while looking at the File menu, and selecting the “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings” menu command that will appear. Do note that will wipe out all display settings—columns, split sizes, etc., but no data. To store your view settings, use the Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts… panel to save them (note the checkboxes below the thumbnail once you do), which you can then later load after resetting the interface settings, either from the panel or using that same sub-menu (your Layout will appear in the menu as an option).