re-registers every time it starts up

Hi. I’m using Scrivener 2.4, and followed the instructions given to me when the update resulted in the failure to start. However, now whenever I start Scrivener, it notifies me that the product is not activated, and then reactivates it with eSellerate. While this isn’t necessarily interfering with my normal use, it’d put a real crimp in my style if I were away from an internet connection. Should I trash that framework folder again?



Sorry for the inconvenience. Please follow the instructions here to delete the “MindVision” folder: … read-first

This should get you up and running again.

Thanks and all the best,

Perfect! That did the trick. Thank you very much. BTW, just saying that Scrivener is THE reason why I will take my laptop places. It’s a creativity playroom. Love it!

Thanks for the kind words! And glad you’re back up and running.
All the best,

Same problem, same solution: it worked perfectly, thank you. And I echo the OP’s words of praise: I’m a historian, and Scrivener has really made my life easier and often jump-starts my work, so thanks for that too!