Re: SugarSync & Scrivener Empty Pkg, 0k data

I think I’m screwed and have lost a lot of work and my back up is also corrupt.

I was working on a project in Aug-Dec 2011, saved files to SugarSync Magic Suitcase.

I’m ramping up this project again and I access my files and my back up and SugarSync shows the folder I had saved into and the Scrivener project packages as 0k.

So I did a test today and opened a project, saved as to SugarSync Magic Suitcase and BAM, same thing.

I think I already know the answer to my question, and that is I’m screwed and that something weird is happening because Scrivener is a package/collection of docs and the SugarSync just can’t write that data to its storage.

The file name is there, but there is nothing in the package when I view package contents either. I see a 36_synopsis.txt that is 1k.

So, am I screwed and the few months of work are toast and I should stop crying and get on with my life? Or, is it possible that this can be recovered?


There are files I had trashed in the SugarSync trash and while I don’t see any other SCRIV files there are a bunch of rftd files such as 61.rtfd 65_notes_rtfd but most of these all say size at 0k

I’m afraid you may be stuck.

The one thing to check would be Scrivener’s automatic backups. You can find them using Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups and using the Show Backup Folder command. Searching your disk for .scriv files would also find any extra copies you might have.


I’m not sure why then. But this is my tragedy :slight_smile:

Bad taste in mouth too.

I’ve found those .scriv files

But WHY are they Zero Bytes. Can’t be true. Shouldn’t be true. Don’t be true.

Can you get anything out of them.

Here’s what I’m getting:

see attachment

Time Machine versions on an external hard disk?

I don’t think time machine versions but they were on another disk and I consolidated back to my desktop when I realized I had this problem.

Can someone help me try to recreate a Scrivener Project file?

The problem with this issue is that SugarSync doesn’t support “Bundle” files. Scrivener is obviously a bundle file.

I have been able to recover from SugarSync files that I’m confident relate to this scrivener project. See screen shot.

I took these files and put them in the ZeroK .scriv package file that I was able to recover – an empty package, but a package nonetheless.

So when I try to open the Scrivener file I get an error:

I do not have this file recovered from SugarSync. I see on SugarSync I have two files that are named this, but both are much older than the creation date of this scrivener project.

So is it possible to recreate the proj file from the auto save or back up binders? Or is there away to try to recreate this project otherwise?


I would try using the File -> Import -> Scrivener Project command to bring the partial project that you’ve found into a new project. It will import all of the text content, and recover as much of the metadata as it can.

Obviously it can’t recover data that isn’t there at all, but it should at least give you something that you can open in Scrivener, assess the damage, and move forward.

You can also use File -> Import -> Files to bring in any individual files that you’re able to find. Then you can use Scrivener’s organizational tools to move them back to their appropriate locations. (Or to get rid of them if they don’t belong after all.)