Re-trying: Compiling Paragraph returns in Windows Scrivener?

I posted this question in the MMD forum a couple of days ago but I’m not getting any response there, so I thought I’d try the Windows Tech Support forum:

Is there a way to replace single line returns with double line returns when you compile to multimarkdown? I’ve tried various things in the ‘replacements’ panel, none of which work. It’s my understanding that “OPT-return” or “OPT-enter” work in the Mac version of Scrivener. Is there a Windows equivalent? I’ve tried regular expressions like replacing \r\n with \r\n\r\n, I’ve tried replacing ^p with ^p^p, I’ve tried CTRL+LF variations, and more. I’ve tried CTRL-return and CTRL-enter, ALT-return, and Shift-return, etc. But no luck. The only thing that has worked is compiling to an mmd file and opening that file in a code editor (Notepad++, Sublime, Komodo, etc) and doing a search and replace on \r\n to \r\n\r\n.

Thanks for any info…

No, there’s not a way to do this currently in Windows; the replacement fields don’t work at the moment with tabs and carriage returns and Windows doesn’t support RegEx yet. This will all be coming in the next major version, but for now running a replacement on the compiled file in a separate text editor is the way to do this.

I was aware that the current Win Scrivener doesn’t do regex search, but I was also kind of hoping that the compile replacement function might be more extended than search and search/replace, so that even if it didn’t do regex it might handle some form of carriage return replacement. But I can live with doing a compile and replacement in something that can handle regex.