Read and Write Apple iWork pages files

I feature suggestion. Apple iWork Pages is a useful and widely used word processing and page layout program. I would like Scrivener to be able to write and read pages format files.

I have many documents in pages and although I can save them out in rtf format and then read them into Scrivener, it would be far more convenient to be able to just read or import them into Scrivener directly.

Please consider this suggestion.


Please do search the forums as this is a very common request and there are good reasons why I am unable to support .pages format at this time, which I have explained at length on a number of occasions. I wish I could support .pages format - but Apple make it rather difficult.

Searching for the forum for “Pages” brings up the following recent thread on Scrivener, Pages and RTF:


(Please do take the advice of one of the users there and send the Pages developers an enhancement request.)

Searching for “iWork, Pages” brings up these threads:

Hmm, actually there are an awful lot of results so I can’t seem to find my long replies - so much for asking you to search the forums!

Basically, the problem is this: Apple make a lot of importers and exporters available to developers - they make it very easy for developers to import and export .doc, .docx, .odt. .html, .rtf and so forth… But have yet to provide developers with a .pages importer/exporter. They do document the format on their web pages, but with the proviso that developers shouldn’t rely on the format not changing - and for a lone developer such as myself, I’d have to spend several months trying to code an importer or exporter like that…

The most annoying thing is that the Pages RTF importer/exporter is so bad. If it had the same level of RTF support as any other major word processor, then this wouldn’t be a problem, because Scrivener’s RTF import/export capabilities are very strong.

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