Read only and proofreader/revision marks

I’m new to Scrivener. Just finished the tutorial. Oh, and I’m new to writing. I’m 22K words into a brilliant book. Questions:

  1. Can I protect files as read-only so I can let someone else read them without fear.

  2. Is there anything equivalent to Word’s proofreading or revision marks, where the editor can mark, then the author can decide whether or not to accept the changes.

  3. Can I edit Comments after they are created?

  4. If I put a document inside another document so that in the Binder area it looks like this:
    Chapter 1
    Supporting material 1A
    Supporting material 1B
    Chapter 2
    Supporting material 2A
    Supporting material 2B

I cannot stay in the Scrivenings mode when I am in the supporting material (the third level). When I put my cursor in the supporting material, I am returned to the document view. What am I doing wrong?

  1. When I split a document horizontally, I can move the split bar up, but not down (to make a narrow window at the bottom). Is that right?

  2. And when I search, I see the search results in the Binder area, but my cursor doesn’t jump to the search word in the text. What am I doing wrong?

If someone will help me with all this, I will be very grateful.

Thanks so much.

  1. No. I’d suggest taking snapshots of all of your documents to prevent accidental edits of your documents, and to make it easier to see what those changes are. Hopefully, in the future, the snapshot function will include tools for highlighting differences between a snapshot copy to the contents of an editor.

  2. Not yet. I don’t have any insider knowledge, but I’d hope that in a future (probably paid) version, there will be better snapshot comparison tools, as mentioned in #1. There may also be other tools. But I can’t speak for Lit & Lat, and have no idea when that might come along.

  3. Yes.

  4. (Can’t see the structure; the board does not preserve indents) That, I think, is due to how containers work. Essentially, you are either looking at the text of a container, or you are looking at it’s sub-documents (this is especially evident in cork board mode). If you select the next level up, Scrivenings mode may be preserved when you return to that view, however.

  5. I think there’s a minimum height of each editor. You may be starting out with the bottom editor being at or below that minimum, so that you can only increase its size. I don’t know if this is a bug (the Mac version lets you make much shorter editor splits), or just a limitation of the programming toolkit used to program Scrivener for Windows.

  6. What kind of search tool are you using? Edit->Find-> ??? or The toolbar search? The ones in the menu should jump to each word, if not at first, then at least when you click the Next button. I don’t think the toolbar search jumps from found text to the next found text.

How? When I click on an existing comment in the Inspector, I don’t have a caret. I can’t type.

I think I’m limping along with everything else. Thanks so much.

ETA: Oh, nevermind!! I just figured it out. I DOUBLE CLICK the comment to open it! Thanks again!