Read text into a template in LibreOffice Writer (odt file) gives problems


Although formatting is not within the scope of Scrivener, I do have a question about compiling to a template file in LibreOffice Writer (odt file).

After compiling a Scrivener file to LibreOffice Writer (ott file), the margins are correctly copied, but not: the language setting; and the header in the file. I removed the header in the template, but it reappears after compiling to a LibreOffice Writer file.
I have no idea what causes this.

Is there perhaps another way to get the text from Scrivener into a LibreOffice Writer template that keeps everything as I have set it up in Writer?
I am primarily a writer who absolutely adores Scrivener. But there comes a time when I format my book in LibreOffice Writer. I use a template for this.

Hopefully someone has experience compiling a Scrivener file to a LibreOffice Writer file.
I hope the preset issues this is causing me can be resolved.
Thank you in advance!

Scrivener isn’t capable of inserting content into an existing template-based document, but isn’t that typically a pretty easy thing to do? You just open a new document with the template you want, and open the compiled output and then just Ctrl+A and copy and paste it over. If you have styles set up correctly it will even change how the text looks and functions.

Maybe someone else will have a better idea, though, I’m not an expert at word processing.

If you were to use Scrivener ⇨ Pandoc, then you can create a template ODT file, and use that in your workflow:

Scrivener’s direct compile output for Pandoc doesn’t cover ODT, so you would have to use the generic markdown output and run pandoc using the post-processing panel…

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