Reading comments or footnotes

Sorry if I sound like a newbie here. I don’t use computers anymore and my first experience with Scrivener happened yesterday with the release of the iOS app.

From what I understand the app philosophy is to be draft oriented with the option to finalize a project in a third party word processor. But still, I wouldn’t mind being able to read my added comments (not inline) without having to select the word where it’s located, but just by typing the box telling me that there’s a note there. You can’t even do that in draft navigator mode (on iPad). Again you must go back to edit mode, select the word where the note is located to trigger the pop up showing the content of that note. Any help appreciated, thank you.

Do you mean “tapping” the comments box? If the word isn’t already selected, you should be able to double-tap on it to bring up the comment. If is selected, you can select “Comment” from the black Edit menu that appears to open the box. Unfortunately a limitation in Apple’s text system that we use in Scrivener means that there is no way of detecting a tap on a comment and intercepting it, because the taps are eaten up by Apple’s cursor in the text, which has meant some workarounds to get double-tap working.

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yes I meant tapping the comment box. Ok so thanks, I just tried the double tap (on a not selected word) and it works… just not all the time but that’s alright. Also, now that you mention it I get the issue about a single tap being intercepted by the cursor. Thanks for your reply!

Ah! That explains the trouble I’ve had viewing linked footnotes. I use a reference mark () in place of the grey highlight around a word. The only way I can figure out to view the footnote contents is to select the word, narrow the selection to just the '’, then choose “footnote” from the black Edit menu. Double tapping the ‘*’ doesn’t seem to work in this case. Is there a better solution?

Hmm, I see what you mean. The easiest way is to use the footnote button either in the extended keyboard row or the predictive text row, then. Just tap so that the cursor is after the footnote, then tap the footnote button in the extended keyboard or predictive text row, and the footnote will open. That’s much easier than going through the edit menu, as it’s a simple two taps.

Hope that helps.

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Yes, that’s much easier! Thank you!