Reading Project Gutenberg novels in Scrivener

I don’t have an e-reader yet. But until I do get one :wink: , I’ve had some fun downloading a few classic public-domain novels from Project Gutenberg ( and reading them in Scrivener on my laptop! I download the .txt version of the file, open in Scrivener, and go to Composition Mode for distraction-free awesomeness. I even upload a background suitable for the story I’m reading (country manor for Jane Austen novels, deep-blue sea for Moby Dick). I scale back the opacity a bit so I can feel immersed. Moby Dick is a huge book, so I grouped chunks of chapters into files. I bold passages I like, and type a virtual bookmark where I’ve left off, so I can find it later and pick up the reading.

That’s a great idea. I do have an e-reader but downloading a Project Gutenberg novel into Scrivener would be a great way of learning how to use Scrivener with large chunks of text. I am currently testing Scrivener out for writing my thesis, which will be expected to have a LARGE number of words in it, so practising on a public domain novel - which it won’t matter if I mess up - would be a good idea. :slight_smile: