Reading Version 3 files with Scrivener version 2

Hello to all you experts
I use Scrivener quite a lot since 6 years.
I updated Scrivener (v.3.1.1) with a new Mac (High Sierra os x 10.13.6) all fine. Older scrivener files are converted just fine. Now I still use my older computer at home that cannot be updated and I use Scrivener 2. Is there a way to read the converted files for version 3 with an older version 2 scrivener?
Thanks to all

Short answer : No.

Slightly longer answer : you can export your Scriv 3 project as a Scriv 2 project. (File > Export > As Scrivener 2 Project) and then work on it with Scriv 2. To work on it with Scriv 3 again, you’d need to re-upgrade the project.

In order to really make the project interoperable between your two machines, you’d need to downgrade your Scriv 3 to Scriv 2.9. You can download it at

I know these weren’t the answers you were looking for, but I hope they’re useful nonetheless.