Reading with a touch screen

I’ve recently started using a Surface 3 and have noticed that touch doesn’t work very intuitively with Scrivener. It’s mainly that I want to use touch to scroll the screen, but it always highlights text instead. In other Windows apps, touching with a finger scrolls, and using a stylus highlights. Is this something that could be fixed in a future version?

An alternative might be a “read mode” like in the latest version of Word. I am currently editing my project, so having a view that is built with reading in mind would be useful, particularly when I’m using my Surface like a tablet.

Keep up the great work!

Yes, it would be nice to be able to scroll by touching, and highlight by touching and holding for a set amount of time.

I second this request, though I notice it’s been eight years since it was started. Any thoughts to make this program more tablet-friendly?

Presently testing v3 beta
Scrolling via touch still not implemented.
Feels like a must-have feature to me as I regularly use touch to scroll even when using the physical keyboard of my windows 10 machine. Nevermind Apple pretending it is not natural.