README file contents after an update


I’d thought this briefly after updating my Mac copy to 2.7, but I was reminded again when I update my Windows copy to 1.9 today.

The README file that is displayed by default after an upgrade/installation makes no mention of any breaking changes the user should be aware of – in the case of these two versions, the file format update.

I realize that you have this in the change notes online, but based on the conversations in the forums, a lot of users are already bitten before they ever get to the change notes.

Would it be possible to insert reminders/warnings of these kinds of changes into the README file for future updates? I didn’t personally get bitten by it, but it seems like a simple change to make to help users in future situations like this.

Thanks, I’ve updated the change logs on the site as well as the readme files.

Thank you – I love how responsive to feedback y’all are!