Ready for production use?

I am getting tired of Mac OS X and considering to switch back to Linux. Is Scrivener for Linux production ready?


I’m using it daily, no complaint.

I’d say all of the core stuff is good. There are a few specific things that were non-functional in the last version: Scratch Pad and MMD. I’m not sure what the state of them will be with the new 1.5x version. PDFs will remain inaccessible from the editor and not available as a compile/export option. Those are/were the main problems. If you are unsure I’d recommend a live boot or a VM.

For me it is no where near useable, I cannot even import text and there appears to be no help for me to get it to work. I am sticking with Plume Creator and Storybook 4 until this thing gets to being usable.

I would say “yes” to the question. The new version,, is running nicely on my Antix/Debian distro. I’ve tested & used the functions involved with my daily use, and it is rock solid. File import works well for me. The only serious glitch that remains is the scratch pad weirdness, which I’m able to overcome by clicking the ‘fist’ and then clicking ‘cancel’ in the window that emerges under the scratch pad window; and the reported PDF problem.

I’m very happy … and I should note that a project worked up under the Linux version is quite interchangeable with Scrivener for Windows, and back again.

I use it daily too, in production, on Debian Sid 64bits (with MultiArch), and I have around 2 millions characters (3 novels and some short stories) handled by it.
I don’t use Scratch pads for now, and I have no problem fort import/export. For export, apart of .doc or .rtf when asked for, I usually export to xhtml then use Calibre to make my pdf/epub/mobi etc. to be sure they will have exactly the same appearance.

Scrivener- does not run on my Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit.
But an older version ( does run on Ubuntu 12.04 (although on a different laptop).

I’m still experiencing conflicts with different Qt library versions (as I’ve posted elsewhere in this linux forum). Scrivener uses an earlier Qt library version 4.8.0 and my Ubuntu has a later Qt library version 4.8.1 causing conflicts.

I’m exploring if I can use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to allow Scrivener to have precedence in loading Qt libraries. i.e. mixed Qt library versions.

Thanks for your comments. I’ll postpone buying a new computer a little further.

Unfortunately I’m no longer a Mac user … last one I used was Mac Centris 650 (which I still have in storage … sans display, gathering dust and now obsolete).

However no need to buy a new computer. Why not try dual booting Mac OS and Ubuntu?

Here are some links explaining … … e-hardware

As a temporary measure, until the Qt library incompatibility is pinned down in linux, I’m running Scrivener (windows) on Ubuntu 12.04 through Wine.

I decided to buy a new desktop. It will arrive next week. I’ll use Ubuntu and will report my experiences. Thanks for all your hints and comments.

I’m using it in production too. Works fine, just lacks some functions and cosmetics that I had grown used to using in the OSX version.