Ready to try Scrivener. Start with RC6?

I’ve never tried Scrivener, and I’d like to star the free 30-day trial. I’m using Windows 10. Should I download Scrivener 1 for Windows or the latest beta release candidate? I incline toward the beta, as I hear that version 1 doesn’t have all the features of the Mac version.

Also, will the beta count against the 30 day clock? And do we know whether documents I create using the beta be useable in future versions?

Many thanks in advance!

The beta is mature enough at this point that I’d recommend starting there.

The 30-day clock won’t start running until Scrivener 3 is actually released.

There are no changes to the project format on the horizon. A project you create with the beta will open in iOS Scrivener, Mac Scrivener 3, and Windows Scrivener 3 (once it’s released). In the event that the format does change in the future, we will of course provide a migration path for existing users.


Many thanks for your reply. OK, I’ll start with the beta! I appreciate the help.

Thank you. How to avoid to lose the project once uninstalled the current version and installed the new one?

Your projects are stored separately from the Scrivener application, and should be completely unaffected by a reinstall.

The “Recent Projects” menu may not be trustworthy, though, so be sure you know how to find your projects via Windows Explorer.


I always set my projects to “sync to folder” in rtf format. That way, I have a folder with all the files in the same structure that I’d find in the Binder, which would make reconstructing the project very easy if, for some reason, things did manage to go south with the project file itself.