ReadyWriter Says Howdy

I thought I should introduce myself here, somewhere. This seemed like a suitable spot, but if I am in the wrong territory, please dont whip me. I have not had my supper yet.

I am more photographer, than writer, but I like both very much. For my first book, Id like to just do a simple Inspirational book with a beautiful nature or landscape photograph, and then 1/2 to 1 1/2 pages of text under the picture

I am intermediate skill level with writing, getting close to pro with the photography, but I don’t know beans about putting it into a book

I am interested in almost everything and have lots of ideas in mind that Id like to write about, so I hunted around for tools to use, and Scrivener seemed like a good possibility.

I am from Central Alberta, Canada, and 63 years young gentleman, (well, maybe leave out the first part, (gentle) but I am a man last time I checked. and old enough to know better. (but I don’t) I am told that I have to decide what i am going to be when I grow up, but I dont want to grow up. I am quite happy the way I am…

So with this happy little intro, I am here to try and figure out Scrivener, and use it to my best advantage for each different type of book I intend to write.

I have no idea yet, where to start, or what to do. lol so thats the end of this post.


Hullo! I’m not really a writer, either, but I pretend to be one on TV. :wink:

That picture’s gorgeous. There’s no end to great scenery in that part of the continent, too.

Hello there in the Far North… I’m slightly south in Costa Rica.

Keep up the good work, Writing and Photography.

I’m a big fan of Scrivener, it’s the Program I always wanted to write but BETTER.

I’m working on a Sci-Phi Novel (Science-PhiLOSOPHICAL), I’m about 75 percent on the first draft… maybe 10 more years I’ll be up to 85…

Have Fun,