Real minimaliste distraction free mode

Composition mode is not distraction free, I dream about a real distraction-free mode, with typography like Latex typos (CMU serif) and minimalist text space, no color, one typographic style and size. Like in other best distraction-free editor.
Thanks a lot.

I don’t think most people would appreciate the feature if it permanently erased all of their formatting upon entering Composition—because that’s what it would take to do the things you are describing. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, why not use these typography choices as your default font in general if you like them? Then you needn’t have a special mode to get them. And by the way if you don’t want colour, you have full control over that in preferences.

It will not permantley erase them, just an option to erase them just in a distraction-free mode, like that you can setup everything and every color in other modes, and when you leave a distraction-free mode you recover the initial modification.

What I was getting at is that the only way to change the font for the file would be permanently change the font. We can override the colour using your settings, as that is a system that is specially provided by the text engine, but it does not provide any other methods for temporarily displaying the text using a different font, paragraph settings, indent settings, typographic tweaks, font sizes, etc. All of that would have to be discarded to make the text look uniform.

You are probably referring to plain .txt editor programs where the source text has no formatting. Then in that case, of course the font and paragraph optics can be changed on the fly, because the only data that exists are the letters and numbers we can type in.

And that is what I was driving at above: if that is what you want, a plain-text editor, then you can treat Scrivener that way and only use one font and one paragraph setting. That is what I do by and large.

I do the same, or something similar. You don’t need a new feature in Scrivener, Scrivener already allows you to do that