Real pause in media player

When I listen to an interview i Scriveners Media Player I from time to time pause it to write something in an other document. When I there after return to Media Player it is set to scratch again and I will start to search right place again in the recording.

I would appreciate a real pause knob (not an all reset) were you just go om from last time (if I want to).

Regards and thank you for a phenomenal tool!

Thanks, this is a known issue with the player at the moment. I’m not sure of the technical issues, but my guess would be we don’t have a way of creating a player widget and specifying the start time on it. So when you move off to another file, the widget gets discarded to save on memory, meaning the time gets lost. Hence, the choice is between storing RAM hog players long after they’ve been looked at and having persistent times, or not having persistent times and keeping the application slim. Again, that’s just my educated guess. One thing I suggest to you right now is to use a second split with your notes on one side and the audio/video in the other split. One nice thing about working that way is that you can pause and resume from the text editor, with Ctrl-Enter.

Thanks for your fast response and for your suggestion. I tried the split-thing and it worked out fine! :smiley: