really basic: uninstall beta

I need to uninstall the beta (on Windows) before upgrading and I want to make sure I uninstall the right file. When I go to Uninstall in Settings, I find 3 versions of Scrivener, dated 14 Dec 20 (Scr 1 icon), 22 Dec 20, and 5 Jan 21. Should I just uninstall them all?
If I go to the Program folder, to the Scrivener folder, there is an uninstall.exe but I’m leery of using that, not sure which file that is.

What’s the best way to go about this?


There are a number of ways to do this. This is what I used:
Revo Uninstaller Freeware (portable): … -portable/

  1. Fire up the last Scrivener beta and save your options! then close Scrivener.
  2. Start up Revo and use the uninstaller option (should be the default screen). Find the current Scrivener beta and do an uninstall with the “Advanced” option. Revo will uninstall Scrivener and then search for any left-over files and registry settings (what the “Advanced” option does). Select all and delete all from the next two screens to remove all left-over traces of the Scrivener betas.
  3. Exit Revo
  4. Install Scrivener 3! (Import your saved preferences.)

Thanks, Jestar. You said, “find the current Scrivener beta.” What about the other versions? I found 3 versions in my files. I just want to make sure I can uninstall or delete these without losing anything valuable. Thanks.

Using the Revo “Advanced” option should remove those old registry values (it did for me) automatically. They are nothing more than old uninstall locations that were leftover from the built-in updater. The advanced option is designed to remove all traces of the program from your system.