Really bizarre incident (WinScriv/Wine)

FYI, might be something to be careful of. Not really game-stopping, but annoying.

I updated WINE today–nothing really remarkable happened. After I did, I went to restart Scrivener, and the .exe was missing. It was as if the program were partially uninstalled. I’m not sure if it was updating WINE or something else that caused it. (I did a lot of things on Steam after I closed Scrivener for the day–different WINE prefixes, though.)


In the past, uninstalling WINE didn’t result in other programs getting touched. No other WINE program I use was changed. Just Scrivener, which is weird–if it’s a bug, it’s a potentially nasty one. If it’s a WINE bug, ditto. Easily fixed by installing Scrivener–didn’t have to re-register, either. (So the registry wasn’t changed.)

Which Wine did you update to? Which *nix? 64 or 32-bit?

1.3.32. 32-bit, but it shouldn’t matter. Of the dozens of other programs and 3 different wine prefixes, this is the only thing that had that happen to.